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Family Medicine physician working in private practice, office and inpatient care at Advocate Christ Medical Center with extensive training accomplished during 2 medical residency programs: OB/GYN and Family Medicine.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Family Medicine Residency Program

"Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Lasi, Romania

Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program

Grigore T. Popa” University, Lași, Romania

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Great care starts with listening carefully to patients and understanding their backgrounds. Understanding is key to developing life-long relationships with patients and their families – it defines what is healthy and happy for them. Healthcare should harmonize fitness, nutrition and medicine; it should never be one-size-fits-all. This personal touch coupled with a holistic approach empowers to be both a better partner and an advocate for patients. That is what family medicine really means to Dr. Galatanu.

Dr. Galatanu has been offering exceptional patient-focused healthcare at her residential Practice from March 2010.

Years of experience working for larger organizations have taught her that patients like to see the same doctor whenever they wish. She feels that she is finally able to practice medicine the way she wants to, without all the strings attached with a larger organization. She believes that smaller practices can offer better quality care as doctors can really get to know their patients. Patients are not caught up in the wheels of a huge organization where they have to wait weeks for a follow up appointment.

Since qualifying as a doctor, she has worked extensively in the United States. Her experience in a variety of settings from large hospitals to geriatric care led her to the belief that patients do better with personalized care in smaller settings. It was that philosophy that led her to her own practice where the patient always comes first. Patients are encouraged to learn about their diseases and educated on the available tools of treatment.


Advocate Christ Medical Center is an established leader in superior healthcare services. As such, they are consistently recognized by national publications, industry associations and organizations that rank the country’s top physicians and hospitals.Physicians at Advocate Christ Medical Center are nationally recognized for their delivery of exceptional care and their achievements in groundbreaking clinical research and medical education. Advocate Christ Medical Center recruits many of its distinguished physicians from leading institutions worldwide and many are consistently ranked on "Top Doctors" lists. Dr. Galatanu recently awarded Physician Excellence Award for the year 2016 from Advocate Christ Medical Center for her outstanding contribution to in patient communication.


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